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Building a wiki page can be done manually and it's very simple.

Most of the time it takes less than 5 minutes. Done manually, you could build about 12 wiki pages per hour, but with WinningWikis, those 12 pages would only cost you 12 cents.

Are you worth more than 12 cents an hour?
We certainly think so and that's why we created


Sign up today and get 500 free credits!


How much does it cost?

Each page that WinningWikis creates is only a penny, that's right only $0.01!
What is a wiki page/post?

A wiki is a type of website platform that allows public registration. That means anyone can join the wiki by simply creating an account. After you create your account, you can post content and changes to the wiki.
Can I create wiki pages manually?

Absolutely! Creating an account and publishing content is a very simple process and only takes about 5 minutes. WinningWikis gives you all of that for only a penny. You can spend an hour posting to about 12 wikis manually, or you can pay us 12 cents and we'll do it for you. Are you worth more than 12 cents an hour?
How is WinningWikis different from other wiki creating services?

Flexibility is the main thing that sets WinningWikis apart. Want to run 50 posts? No problem! How about 482 posts? Also not a problem. With WinningWikis, you control everything. Most wiki providers only give you set packages so you're forced to pay the full price even if you want just a few links.
Consider this scenario. You have $50 to spend on link building and want to build links all month. With most service providers, you're stuck buying the service at the beginning of the month and then you're left with nothing for the remainder of the month. With WinningWikis you can buy $50 worth of wikis (5000 credits) and use them all month long! If you divide them evenly that would be over 150 links per day!
Another problem with many service providers is that you're forced to use just a single URL, sometimes as many as 3 URLs. With a $50 budget, you could post to 500 different URLs. In addition to that, you can put more than one link in each post. The options are endless with WinningWikis!
What is the minimum deposit?

The minimum deposit with WinningWikis is only $10. We're trying to serve the smallest as well as the largest link builders. Make sure you're on our mailing list for updates, best practices and coupons for free credits!
How do I get started?

First create an account. Once you've created you account, you'll see a Deposit link. This will connect you with Paypal so you can deposit money into your WinningWikis account. Immediately after the money is in your account you can start building your wiki pages!
How long does it take for WinningWikis to build a page.

On average WinningWikis can create about 5000 wiki pages per hour. Depending on the current work load, you should expect to get your report in less than 24 hours, often you'll get a report within minutes.